Factors That Affect the Cost of Sports Car Rental 

Sports cars are easily one of the most beautiful machines in the world. They’re finely designed and equipped with all the premium features you can think of. Sports cars, without a doubt, push the boundaries of any driving experience.  

Unfortunately, purchasing a sports car can put a major dent in your financial situation. Luckily, you don’t have to buy one to drive one. You can just rent a sports car.  

The price to rent a sports car varies on a range of factors. Because of this, the cost to rent a sports car can range from $400 to $20,000.  

Today, we’re going to share with you the common factors that affect the cost of renting a sports car from a sports car hire London company.  

The Number of Miles Included 

Most rental companies list the number of available miles up to which you can drive the sports car every day.  

If you exceed the given miles, the rental company will charge you an additional fee per mile for the distance you have driven in excess.  


Just like any services out there, the law of supply and demand comes into play in a sports car rental. If there’s low availability for the cars, the rental price will be higher. 

Long Term Rental 

There are a couple of sports car rental companies that provide long-term rentals at a discounted price. This happens if you choose to rent the car for more than 1 month.  

In addition to that, this package also includes other features, such as delivery to any state in the United States.  

Type of Vehicle 

Depending on the type of sports car, the rental price might differ. Some of the most common sports car rentals include luxury, crossover, sedan, convertible, coupe, and more.  


The status of the sports car brand plays a huge part in the cost of a sports car rental. For example, two sports cars with the same specifications and performance status will have various rental fees if one’s brand is more reputable compared to the other.  

Make and Model 

Expect a higher rental price per day if the model you choose to rent is expensive. Of course, this is pretty obvious since the rental company is risking more when renting out a sports car equipped with high-quality components and features.  

For instance, you can rent a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder at $1,300 a day. On the other hand, the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster will cost you $2,500 a day.  

The more expensive the make and model of the car, the more expensive the rental cost will be. 


All cars offered by sports car rental companies have a daily rental price. The rental fees will differ for every car based on type, rarity, model, and other possible factors.  

If you’re still wondering if it’s worth renting a sports car, you should just go for it. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You’ll certainly cherish each moment you spend inside it.  

Also, the looks you’ll get when you step out of a sports car will be worth every dollar you spend.